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the five people you meet in heaven

by morrie jones

not a very intresting book

Suggested by sheepster, newcastle

Tagged with: boring comforting different disappointing enjoyable enlightening fresh, interesting moving moving, provoking, thought thought-provoking



Enjoyable easy story telling on a simple theme.
I loved this book, it was easy to read and thought provoking and something totally different from what I would normally read.
thought provoking little book
thought that this is a good book ,it wasnt what I expected but I would recomed this to everyone who loves to read something different.
I was really impressed with this against my will - I thought it would be pretentious but it was fresh and moving and very readable. I wouldn't say it was a pseudy title - just trying to catch our attention. have bought it for my daughter for Christmas.
A "three-hanky-book"-loved it!
Not who you would expect him to meet in heaven. It does point out how your actions affects other's lives and I stuck with it to the end but was a bit disappointed in it.
I enjoyed this book. I agree with Clare, makes you think of people who may have crossed my life and influenced it without realising.
Linda Siggins, Hertfordshire
I'm slightly put off by the pretentious title! What is it with book titles these days ? All trying to outdo each other for the 'Pseud's Corner' title.
I also enjoyed this book, it does make you think how lives might be changed by chance encounters
Rover and Out
really enjoy this book, made me reflect on who may have crossed my life and influenced it without realising it
clare fullick, hampshire

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