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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

People seem to judge the book by the films, rather than having read the text. Books invariably are better than their film counterparts, and provide nuances often lost on the big screen.
The language, the plot and characters are timeless; with the exception of the use of language of the 19th Century; both the plot and characters could be from today.
I would suggest read before passing judgement!

Suggested by Helen, Hertfordshire

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Interesting to read above comments, as I was never drawn in to reading a classic. I picked this up through reading a blurb at the back, however haven't made a start yet. Having read above comments I shall certainly read it.
This book never ever goes out of fashion unlike some modern day novels. I expect in decades to come this book to be read and re-read by people who love a good well written story.
Felicity Granger
I have read it several times. First in a German translation and, recently, the English original. It's so incredibly funny and witty. I love Austen's dialogues. And her capability to create proper characters.
I've always been a fan of Austen. The books are so much better than films ( excepting Firth's 'Darcey.....')
Have loved Jane Austen since school times, indeed Lizzie Bennet has been with me these past twent-two years. Being of an Islamic background, I could identify with all the match-m aking and chaperoning, (we all hoped mum would find us a'Darcy'!). I suppose this just illustrates the wide appeal of Austen.
I think Pride and Prejudice is an almost-perfect book - it's moving, makes you laugh, the characters are perfectly drawn and the conversations between them are sparkling. I read this every year and always enjoy it.
seven veils
I can't believe I have been reading for all these years and have never picked up a Jane Austen book. Classics do not appeal to me, so I was not expecting much from this book. How I loved it, I could not put it down, desperate to find out what happened next. The characters grabbed me and would not let go. What a wonderful style of writing, she draws you into her world. Am going to rush off to get another of her books.
What a writer! Austen's mastery traps you in her world. When you finally raise your head from the pages, you will be dizzy.

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