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The Island

by Victoria Hislop

A warm read revealing the stories of the brave inhabitants of the island Spingalonga, a former leper colony. An unusual setting, but very evocative.

Suggested by Anne, South Gloucestershire

Tagged with: absorbing absorbing, beautifully captivating enjoyable moving provoking read relaxing thought



A wonderful story well told. Immerse yourself in the landscape of Crete and the island of Spinalonga and marvel at the fortitude and humanity of some of the main characters.
Frances, Hertfordshire
A wonderful story, even though a little heart-rending in parts. Night Reader, Kent
Night Reader
This was the best book I read last year. It was informative and descriptive and I can still conjure up pictures from it months on. I recommended to many other people and I only found one person thta diid not like it.
Jenny. Worcestershire
I really enjoyed this as well.A friend recommended it and I was concerned that a book about a leper colony would be depressing but it was anything but.
So far this is the best book I have read this year, everyone who I have recommend the book to have enjoyed it. This book could almost be a true story, it is well written and truly human. The story covers all emotions life, death,love, happiness and much saddness.
Brenda West Midlands
I too really enjoyed this book, and found it hard to put down. It is beautifully written, and I was immediatelly drawn into the sad and tragic story that evolves when Alexis visits Crete to discover a long hidden secret from her mother's past.
Lin, Bristol
I really enjoyed this book. I was concerned that a story involving leprosy would be bleak and negative but this is a story of people striving to make the most of their lives despite what life throws at them. I finished the book with a greater understanding of leprosy and an admiration for those who are haunted by the prejudices of others.
Denise, Birmingham

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