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Undead and Unwed

by MaryJanice Davidson

I think this book is fantastic. It's about a girl who died and has come back as a vampire. She later found out that she is actually the vampire queen and has powers that other vampires do not such as being able to go out in daylight, touch a crucifix, wash in holy water etc. The story tells of her struggle to cope with her new found way of life and her new found boyfriend who is a powerful vampire himself. She still has such ordinary feelings and is still in contact with her mum and best friend who are aware of her vampire status. It's a wonderful book that I find hard to put down.

Suggested by Debbie, Cambridgeshire

Tagged with: dead easy funny hilarious light unexpected



i love these books!! they were so funny and really easy to get into i'm just frustrated that im in the UK and i get them as soon as they come out!! But i would recommend this series of books to everyone
Marina, Warrington
I agree with Debbie. I discovered this series of books last year after the cover caught my eye on a display. They are what I like to call my bit of “fluff” – light easy reads, with a great sense of humour and romance that always leaves you wanting more.
This book currently features on a list of romantic reads being promoted across libraries in NW England. You could vote for this book to win the hunt for the facvourite from the list by visiting time To Read's website and following the link to Pure Passion (until 30/12/07)

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