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Da Vinci Code

by Dan Brown

I read this book on holiday and it was the perfect holiday read. From the first page I was hooked.I couldn't wait to find out how this thrilling story only disappointment was watching the film after reading the book,because i knew what was going to happen.

Suggested by Sandra, PLYMOUTH

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really enjoyed this book once i had got passed the stratistics at the beginning
It was OK. But didn't whatever they were looking for - the Holy Grail or something (it's a few years since I read it!) - turn out to be in the next room to the murdereds body they found in Chapter One? If so, what a palaver for nowt!
Darren, Loughborough
I know people thought this book was over hyped but I thought it was brilliant-I couldn't put it down. I found myself with the book in one hand and the other hand seeing whether all the non fiction thrown in there was actually true. I thought it challenged the idea of catholic supremacy with fact whilst still being entertaining.
Really enjoyed the book, great holiday read ! Pity they had to spoil it by making into a rubbish film !
I enjoyed this book but does'nt hype spoil reads because you expect to much it was an easy read and I did look at the painting of the last supperto see if it was a woman.
I enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. I agree that it was over-hyped by the media . I did see the film afterwards and found it boring. I think it would have been very confusing for anyone who had not already read the book.
I read this as a holiday read before the film came out and enjoyed it as a work of fiction, but found the film very disappointing
I really enjoyed this book but it did get annoying not being able to see the images discussed. I too was looking through books and the internet at all hours.
I put off reading this for ages because of the hype and although I enjoyed it I think Kate Mosse Labyrinth far better
An excellent book! I was hooked from page one. I even had to pull up a picture of the Last Supper on the PC at 2am to check on the details Dan Brown had mentioned. The only book my son-in-law couldn't put down too, must say something about it. Just don't watch the film though - very disappointing after reading the book.
Lily white
I agree i think the whole da vinci code phenomenon was totally over hyped
Brian Jarrow
I agree i think the whole da vinci code phenomenon was totally over hyped
Brian Jarrow
I agree i think the whole da vinci code phenomenon was totally over hyped
Brian Jarrow
I really enjoyed this book. I think I read it before it was hyped up to the rafters! It had me thinking all through the book and was sad to have finished it. I have tried his other books, but none seem to grab me as much.
Sue L
I was intriuged by the ideas, but found the book it's self poorly written.Some of the plot didn't hang together, but it was entertaining and I would recommend it.
I enjoyed this book but I found I was side tracked into researching all the stuff that Dan Brown was highlighting in it ~ I spent hours on the pc looking into everything. It was interesting but it took me away from the actual storyline. Yes it was overhyped ~ mainly by organisations that it scared I think.
thought this book was very over-hyped and boring! the story line was very slow and the plot extremely easy to work out what a waste of time!

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