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PS, I Love You

by Caroline Ahern

Clearly only published because the author is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Ireland and her sister is married to some guy from Westlife. Terrible terrible terrible!

Suggested by Emma, London

Tagged with: comfort disappointing lovely read sickening



I loved this book. I read it quite a few years ago and as a fan of even more predictable girly books, found this actually had a little substance.
I took this book on holiday at the recommendation of 3 different friends - big mistake! I was expecting something light-hearted and easy-going to read by the pool, something I could put down and pick up again at the drop of a hat. But I just couldn't get into the story at all, perhaps because I was dumbfounded by how terrible the writing was. I'm no snob when it comes to reading, I read all genres, but this lacks structure and the writing isso simplistic it's an insult to the reader's intelligence! The storyline itself is OK but could have been done much more justice had it been tackled by a better writer.
I am a bloke (very much a man's man) & I thought it was excellent !
I loved this book: read it in the spirit in which it was intended!
I was expecting great things from this bestseller but struggled to get past the first few sickly sweet slushy chapters
I was expecting great things from this bestseller with rave reviews but instead struggled to get past the first few sickly sweet slushy chapers!
I actually loved this book, it made me feel warm inside and really understood how they felt, loved it, give it a go
Emma Lincs
It was chick-lit at its best - sappy & sentimental! Not my cup of tea at all.

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