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The Shadow of the Wind

by Carlos Zafon

Oh dear... After two attempts I finally finished this book. Bit of an epic. I am aware some of it flows beautifully and is atmospheric, but for me it was just too long and meandered too often.

Suggested by indigo, Northamptonshire

Tagged with: alawys beautiful boring challenging dark gripping hype indulgence mystery not reason right self



I can say honestly this is one of the worst books I have ever read, drivel but I still felt I had to finish it ,I believe I hoped it would improve sadly not for me but as some one as said if we all liked the same book there would be no book groups.....
Wonderful book, full of atmosphere and sense of place. Makes you long to visit Barcelona and walk the streets where the characters walked
Fantastic book - makes you long to go to Barcelona and walk the streets of the story. Terrific atmosphere and steeped in the feeling of place
I really enjoyed this book and found the characters dark and complex.I always recommend this book to someone who is after something with depth and a challenge
Thank goodness I wasn't alone in wondering what all the fuss was about. I bought and read this based on the Richard and Judy book list recommendation. I am now older and wiser! (And I also struggled with Labyrinth!)
Have to say this didn't grip me as much as I hoped. I got it as an audio book from the library and the flow of the story wasn't helped by the fact that some of the CDs were obviously faulty and kept jumping! As much as anything, I couldn't really like the main character and that always affects my enjoyment of a book.
I absolutely loved this book! It had everything; mystery, romance, intrigue, adventure etc. I couldn't put the book down and I always recommend it to other people - it's a shame others don't feel the same way but if we all liked the same books life would be very boring!
Self indulgent twaddle, read as reading group title, that was the only reason I finished it.The characters are pantomine figuresand the plot suffers from a dose of the Mysteries of Udolpho.

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