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the undomestic goddess

by sophie kinsella

This is a uncomplicated easy to read book, with a nice story and a happy ending,

Ideal for the beach or balcony on holiday or just relaxing by the pool. I took the paperback copy on holiday with me.

Suggested by Marlene, Bristol

Tagged with: amusing boring easy easy, fun funny laugh light, light-hearted predictable relaxing



Very easy read light hearted and good fun, have enjoyed all sophie Kinsella Books.
The first Sophie Kinsella I read and possibly my favourite. Took this on holiday with me. Perfect beach read. Funny, warm and light hearted there is a guaranteed giggle in every chapter!
I like a book that is "simple" and "nice". Not too complicated and deep. Good to have something light hearted and "laugh out loud funny.
I really enjoy her books for a bit of escapism, and anything that can make make you laugh has to be a good thing
My favorite and the first I read of hers. Fun, easy read.
Uplifting and enjoyable. The perfect light read to chill out to.
Thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted read, very funny & the description of the characters was great
Thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted read, very funny & the description of the characters was great
Really lovely book- very predicable just what was needed for a light read after a hard day on the slopes sking- easy to read and it all ended hapily ever after
Tracey, Bristol
I enjoy reading something this easy as a break from reading my usual Stephen King, Meg Gardiner,John Grisham etc. I find after reading too many of these I need some escapism.
Predictable and easy to read, yes, but also laugh out loud funny.
I found the book a little too predictable, but light hearted and easy to read.
Sometimes we just need something to wash over us and other times we need challenging reads. These sort of books fit the former category and are none the worse for that, depending on your mood at the time. Maybe it should have been put in Familiar Reads instead.
Yes uncomplicated but I found it too simple and 'nice'.

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