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Devil's Cub

by Georgette Heyer

This book is a romantic rollercoaster - I wanted to read it as fast as I could and yet I did not want it to end. I wanted to know what happened to the characters. However romantic fiction is often dismissed.

Suggested by Mary Henderson, Somerset

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This is one of my favourite Georgette Heyer books. I first read Friday's child as a teenager and have read all of her Regency novels since. She is an enjoyable and lighthearted read. Pure delight!
Wendy, Oxfordshire
This is one of my favourite Heyer books! I read Friday's Child first as a teenager and have since read all of her Regency novels. Her books are entertaining and enjoyable with plenty of historical detail. Pure delight!
Wendy, Oxfordshire
I read this book when I was 15 and loved it.I still reread it occasionally now quite a lot of years on
I too love Georgette Heyer's regency romances. I first read one when I was about 10, I had finished all my library books so ended up browsing my mam's bookcase (this was also how I discovered Agatha Christie) and found a copy of Faro's Daughter which I loved and so I started reading all of hers I could get out on my mam's library tkt. My personal favourites are The Grand Sophy, Sylvester and Venetia, they are all just such fun and perfect reading to cheer yourself up.
Deborah, Stockton-on-Tees
I adore this book, it is definitely my favourite Heyer book... that and Frederica. The premise may be somewhat over the top but her characters are delicious and full of life. It's a book to sit back with a bar of chocolate and just enjoy.
Definitely one of my favourite books by Georgette Heyer - I must admit I prefer her regency romances to the other book's she's written, I can't really get into any of her crime novels and some of her others ie My Lord John were quite hardgoing. Give me regency froth any day!
Mrs M
I have been reading Georgette Heyer since my teens and have copies of nearly all her books. I find that I can re-read them and have done so seneral times over the years.My favourite is "Regency Buck"
Susan Warrington
Have you read These Old Shades by Heyer? This is the stoy of Avon and is wonderful escapism. Love all her books, romatnic fiction at its best, well written and accurate. I cringe sometimes when I read the modern version of a Regency romance, such as Gaelen Foley and the like.
Over the top,,, preposterous,,,, but one of my favourite Heyer romances. and you are definitely not alone on this one. Can I suggest "Nine Coaches Waiting (Mary Stewart) if you can find it, as something of the same - not Regency and no Avon or Vidal,,, but another great romantic ride.
Ferelith Hordon, Wandsworth

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