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Angels in the Gloom

by Anne Perry

I borrowed this as a Talking Book, there weren't many to choose from and to be honest I thought it might be quite boring and would help me sleep. How wrong I was, set in the first World War the descriptions of the trenches are quite harrowing. There is the underlying mystery to be solved, who killed the scientist, and the spy to be sorted out but I found these bits less absorbing. I must admit to knowing very little about WW1, but the changes that it brought about were amazing and I certainly want to read more about that period in our history.

Suggested by Jan, Scotland

Tagged with: disturbing



The WW1 books of Anne Perry can be read individually, but to get the real impact read the series. I learnt a lot about WW1 too and fell in love with the characters. Very clever that each book has a crime to solve and there is another to solve if you read the whole of the series. And, with all those deaths in the trenches, who cares that someone dies suspiciously?

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