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Quite Ugly One Morning

by Christopher Brookmyre

I've read most of Brookmyre's books now, starting with the latest and then dodging about the list according to what I happened to stumble across in the library or cheap in the second hand shops. This is the first one which introduced Jack Parlabane to the world. And hallelujah for that! Parlabane is cynical, ever so slightly self-righteous, sexy, heroic, irksome and a complete trouble magnet. Brookmyre is some of the above, I would imagine (you choose!) I certainly can't separate Parlabane's jaded view of authority and suspicion of Scottish sectarianism - religious and sports-based - from what I imagine Brookmyre would be spouting in the pub of a Friday evening! Whatever - I love Parlabane and I love Brookmyre!

Suggested by Sue, York

Tagged with: funny great read



I agree ... this was a fantastic book. I had never read any of Christopher Brookmyres' books before, but now i'm hooked. certainly very funny in a rather disturbing way in places. Not necessarily for the faint hearted, especially the opening chapter or two. Great stuff.

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