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The Kite Runner

by K Hosseini

This is set in Afghanistan, a country I know little about( I didn't visit it on my book reading tours). The subject is sad but has some small moments of hope. The writer obviously loves his home country but from afar.The ending is slightly rushed but the writing is excellent all through and would not have seemed right with a sloshy happy ending.

Suggested by Charles Dickens, Portsmouth

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I was very disappointed in this book to drawn out - gave up and read the end.
Bonnie, Scotland
To be honest, my only knowledge concerning Afghanistan, before reading this book, came from saddening news reports. I knew next to nothing of the countries vibrant heritage, but thanks to 'The Kite Runner' I was introduced to all the colourful sights, scents and sounds of a country I am now eager to investigate. The story itself is beautifully written and certainly stirs the emotions, centring as it does on two young children whose lives are so different to our own. Yet the novel is written in such a way that allows the reader to identify with their opposing acts of cruelty and kindness, boldness and naivety. The events are revealed retrospectively with plenty of room for saccharine filled pages, yet though the author appears to write from the heart they never substitute real drama for cheap, tear-jerking moments.

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