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by Patrick Suskind

This is possibly the most disturbing book I have ever read. I have grave concerns about the author's state of mind - seriously worrying! I think it should be banned.

Suggested by Anne, Wiltshire

Tagged with: dark, disturbing especially gruesome, historical, magical, revolting twisted unconvincing unsettling, women



Loved this book when I read it many moons ago. A very dark, peculiar book but exceptionally well written and a brilliant evocation of the fetid underbelly of 18th century Paris. Rently made into a lacklustre film BTW this the inspiration behind the Nirvana song 'Scentless apprentice'
Davey Mo
I didn't like this book, but banning it? I don't think so. If (heaven forbid) there was ever to be a league table of banned books then this one would be way down the list. As an attempt at a kind of 'magical realist' fable I found it wanting (best leave that genre to the Latin American experts!) but in terms of its actual offensive content it is certainly no more shocking than the average gory forensic thriller found everywhere these days. I can easily think of far more shocking reads, but I won't mention any titles in case they end up being nominated for a ban as well...
Complete waste of time, very disturbing read. Total anti-climactic ending

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