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da vinci code

by dan brown

over-rated garbage

Suggested by stickinsect, australia

Tagged with: adventure balderdash exciting fast, ficton gripping mfwarpaey pacey ripping successful total yarn zippy,



Any good thriller writer should always try to blend fact, theory and fiction together and smudge the lines between them. Dan Brown has succeeded in doing this and made a lot of money from it. Fair play. Ian Fleming faced the same criticisms when his Bond books were such a mainstream success. The literary snobs just can't stand it!
Vae victus!
It is total rubbish- poorly written, and an insult to the word literature.
This comes a very poor second to the Original The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail which is non fiction.
Danny J
I too thoroughly enjoyed this "ripping yarn" the book was an enjoyable page turner. I agree with Benni's comments.
I thought it was neither as good or as bad (depending on which camp your in) as I expected but it is an easy read.
I agree with Maria and Benni, have people forgotten what the word fiction means? come on lighten up just enjoy it as agood page turner.
I totally agree with Benni. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and never took too seriously. It was good entertainment.
Whilst I agree that this book has been over rated by the readers who have taken the content very seriously I would argue that it is a well researched, entertaining adventure. As a work of historical import it is over-rated garbage. As an action adventure it is great.

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