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The Island

by Victoria Hislop

Wonderful descriptions of characters and places, a really moving read that pulls at the heart strings. Makes you wonder how you would have coped if it had happened to yourself or a member of your family.

Suggested by LJ, Worcester

Tagged with: absorbing emotional moving provoking thought thoughtful thought-provoking



I loved this book and I'm obviously not alone as several of you have chosen to comment on it. I recommend it often to people looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. It has some very unexpected twists as well as being a well thought out and well written story
This book was a choice with the bookgroup, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so agree with Julie's synopsis.
Absolutely loved this book, to the point that it has now been read and passed on several times to friends. The story of a family dealing with leprosy, firstly, from afar, and secondly, as the disease has a direct impact on them and future generations. Some unexpected twists, gripping, and emotional.
completely agree, I really enjoyed this book and loved the mix of characters.

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