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Catch 22

by Joseph Heller

It was a really difficult book to read, and a bit too subversive for me as I like relaxing books that are fun to read. Thgis didn't make me laugh and the size of it was a bit off putting. In the end I couldn't finish it and I always finish every book I read but this was too hard for me to get into.

Suggested by Aye, Cambridgeshire

Tagged with: challenging dull excellent hilarious polymesmeric pompous



Probably my favourite book of all time, characters described so cleverly that you know them by reading just one sentence of a description. Powerful, leftfield and brilliant.
Very cleverly written, great ideas and very funny. A book i will never forget.
Didn't find this hilarious - just found it dull, the characters were one-dimensional and apart from the basic premise it didn't have much to say
An excellent, hilarious novel examining the pointlessness of war. The book is riven with subversive humour, and I couldn't put it down.

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