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Cross Stitch

by Diana Gabaldon

This was recommended to me as a good read but initially the number of pages was a bit daunting (over 700).
However after the first few chapters I was "hooked" and the storyline was so exciting that the length of the book went unnoticed.

Suggested by Miriam, Filton

Tagged with: exciting gripping mesmerizing



Absolutely agree!! the whole series were the best thing I've ever read, it also helped that we were touring the west coast of Scotland at the time
Holland of Hartlepool
This is one of my favourite books which I reread occasionally, the story is gripping and I have read all the books in the series so far. It is not a period of history I know a lot about and the two main characters are gripping. I never notice how many pages there are and I am always sad when I come to the end! I can't wait for the next one in the series. There have been other books where people go back into the past, but this one is the most believable, it isn't a romantic view of history but a bit brutal and uncomfortable, as I imagine it would be.

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