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The Lovely Bones

by Alice Sebold

An uncomfortable read especially for a mother of three teenage girls.

Suggested by pimbis, coniston

Tagged with: compelling disturbing emotional emotional, enthralling fascinating gripping pretentious provoking thought thrilling unsettling

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The range of tags this book has been given just shows how different reader's experience is. Although I agree with many of them, I can't believe that someone has tagged it 'pretentious'! I thought it resonated with emotional realism, was unputdownable and hauntingly beautiful. I don't agree that it was distasteful either because ultimately their was a sense of familial love overcoming loss and justice being done. However I concede that if I was a parent I might feel differently.
I found the fresh perspective of this book really original.....The reader is empowered by having all the details of the murder from the outset, and although the content may initially seem disturbing, it was following the emotional journey the family go through as the case unravels that really made this book a compelling read.
Lorna Cardiff
It is not the type of book I usually read and I found it unput downable. It really draws you in and is cleverly written. I did not find it over sentimental and I really liked the way justice was done at the end. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Ellen
I loved this book. I felt an immediate connection with the main character and found that I had difficulty putting the book down as I didn't wan't to leave her on her own! An emotionally charged, well written book.
Jo Scott
I also was gripped by this book and couldn't put it down. The rape and the violence was horrifying and i dearly wanted to see justice done. It was devastating to read the effect that a murder can have on a family.....tearing it apart i found it very thought provoking
The Lovely Bones is smug and self satisfied. I read it because it came highly recommended so I was amazed how poor it was. The subject matter wasn't the problem - I've read and liked books more disturbing than this. It so clearly set out to be deep and challenging but it was trite and tiresome and workaday. I realise people will object to the words 'smug and self-satisfied', given Sebold's history but I am judging the book, not the author.
I absolutely loved this book, it was the first book I have ever read that had a less than paradise-like heaven. The biggest suprise was the cover, it didn't give any hint as to the plot or even theme of the book. Fascinating, was sad to finish it.
I cannot say I "enjoyed" reading this book, but I was quite gripped by it. It is certainly disturbing and thought provoking and, as all good books should, stayed with me for a long while afterwards.
I read this book and I felt like like I had taken on the character's pain and determination to see justice done.Although some might insist that it is a disturbing book I felt it was well written.Is there an afterlife?
Yorkshire Weed
Although this book was disturbing. it is exceptionally well-written and is unput-downable.
Yes I agree it was a difficult book to read, I was very apprehensive when it was initially reccommended to me. But does that make it a bad book? Considering the difficult subject matter I thought it was excellently readable and a satisfying read in some ways.
I read The Lovely Bones and agree that it is disturbing, but i must say that i did enjoy reading it, i felt all sorts of emotions and thought it was well written.
Deborah Cook

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