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The Time Traveller's Wife

by Audrey Niffenegger

This is possibly the best book I have ever read !! I couldnt put it down. The whole concept of the book, the idea of the story is just amazing. Such an unusual story.A man who travels back and forward through time and the impact he has on a girl/woman who he meets at various stages of his/her life and eventually marries. Its a fascinating idea and the story is funny, exciting, sad, and contantly engaging. I spent many a night up til all hours because I didnt want to stop reading it.

Suggested by Moya, London

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Took a little time to get into - and to get your head around! But i thoroughly enjoyed it, it's like nothing i've ever read before! Well worth sticking with!
I found this book was really different from anything I had read before. I enjoyed the film too but it was not as good as the book! Well worth reading.
I loved this book! I became totally absorbed in it. Much better than the film!
Sue Young
The book is far better than the film, it captures the imagination entirely and offers a read that is slightly different to anything I have ever read before. Recommended!
Sheila Evans AP
This was an excellent book and I really enjoyed the challenge of following the timeline and quite often had to go back a few pages just to check how old each of the charactures was (this usually happened if I fell asleep reading it at night! Not because it was boring but I'm a busy working Mum! but I did manage to stay awake to finish itwhen the end was near) I've looked on this site for various reviews and people have different opinions on the source of the story. I took it at face value and enjoyed a totally compelling story. Fantastic
A brilliant concept and although it was hard to get into at first, well worth doing. One of the best books I have ever read.
This is one of my favourites books, I agree that you need to get your head around it as it jumps around a lot but it's worth it. The concept is refreshingly different and I couldn't put if down. The movie is due out December 2008 - can't wait to see it.
I completely agree. I have had a number of people who have told me they have given up with it because they were too confused. But if you stick with it, it really is a fantastic book.
Definitely one of those books I couldn't put down! I can recommend it - it shocks, surprises and keeps you absorbed from beginning to end.
I totally agree. Its an absolutely fascinating book. When you are reading it the time travelling seems entirely plausible. Other people I've spoken to have trouble getting their head round the first bit. Persevere. It all becomes clear later.
Tracey Wilde

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