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The Gathering

by Anne Enright

Thought I'd try this prize-winning book but not sure what to make of it! It's an Irish family story about the reactions to the death of the brother/son, but the style is 'individual' & the content is peculiar. I wonder how other readers are reacting to it?

Suggested by Brenda, Wilts

Tagged with: atmospheric going strange strange, tough



I have tried to read this book a number of times and just couldn't get into it. I have given up on it as I don't think its worth the effort. Too many books, too little time!!!!
It is definitely not a book easy for reading! Don/t expect too much if you are one of those who prefer a thrilling plot.Most of the qualities lies in writer/s style-sophisticated, lyrical, a bit ironic.Some parts of a book are really well written,but you may wonder(as I do) why "The Gathering" was chosen to be The Booker-prize winning book.

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