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by Marcus Zusak

A different read, very moving. You just don't want to put it down.

Suggested by Linda Parker, Bristol

Tagged with: beautiful moving provoking thought-provoking



'Death' was truly the most humane and thought-provoking character. This book is beautifully written and explores the idea of the importance of literature and the power of words. I kept thinking of this book long after I had finished reading it.
I agree. This is a very different read, For starters 'Death' is the narrator! I initially found this concept difficult to get to grips with but it very quickly didnt matter and ultimately felt 'Death' was a rather kindly character. Its the story of a young girl living in Germany at the start of the second World War. This in itself was interesting - another perspective on this period, quite thought provoking. Though there is a lot of sadness in the book I felt it was, overall, an uplifting tale with a simple message - that when a child experiences a warm and loving homelife, they can be happy, regardless of atrocities are going on in their wider world. There were lots of lovely characters in this book, Rosa and Hans being my favourites!
Judith Bucks

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