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by Martina Cole

This is a very thick book that would have been a really good read had it been a third of the thickness. Although Martina Cole usually writes gripping and exciting stories, this one is close to tedious as she repeats phrases, sometimes using the same phrase up to 3 times on 1 page!! She reminds readers of the storyline in almost every chapter, thus repeating the storyline throughout the book so all in all it reads as though the author has developed alzeimers!!!

Suggested by Ange, Peterborough

Tagged with: challenging disappointing moronic repetitive, tedious,



Anyone who reads this trash must have an exceedingly low IQ!!!!
I totally agree with both the above, i usualy race through a Martina Cole but not this time.
Yes! I totally agree with your comments. I usually love martina Cole and was looking forward to this one coming out but if she mentioned what a 'Face' the main character was once, she said it on every page!! We get the message!! The whole book could have been half as long as it was.

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