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The Uncommon Reader

by Alan Bennett

It is a fun read, and you imagine that you are hearing the views of the Queen on reading(starting from her own quite by chance experience of entering a mobile library whilst chasing her corgies.)

Suggested by Valerie Walton, Warrington central library.

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Well you've all convinced me - I had heard reports before that this book was good, but never investigated further. Based on your comments I have today ordered it from my local library and I can't wait until I get the call to say it's available for me to borrow. This is the first time I have looked at this website and I am definitely going to be recommending it to others. Thanks everyone!
Elaine, Essex
I really enjoyed this book, so much so that my husband bought me it for Christmas
Thoroughly enjoyable - immensely readable. It really made me imagine our Queen developing a great passion for reading and it having some interesting affects on her courtiers!
Brenda, Surrey
Loved this book. Both incredible and credible at the same time! Loved the discomfort that it caused the courtiers. A fun and lighthearted read!!
Carol Forse
Absolutely brilliant. Conjured up some wonderful images and the ending was perfect.
Shelagh Varley
I took this book to the States for a friend of mine who was living there for 2 years and missed her reading group back in the UK. She didn't know which books to read and only snatched at airport best-sellers, the appeal of which was wearing a bit thin. So.....she loved it and thoroughly enjoyed the Britishness of Alan Bennett's sense of humour.....
Nel Yiend
I enjoyed this book immensely. It really appealed to my sense of humour especially the way the author put so many fly-away emarks into the Queen's mouth. The whole idea was so deliciously ridiculous too and this appealed to me. It was a good read at one seeion book although I found myself loath to do so as I felt I would miss 'savouring' my read. The author's idea of making the Queen almost too human while at the same time keeping her tied to her role was a master-stroke.
Maisie Green

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